Welcome to ELK RIVER LURES! We are a lure and bait company who specializes in custom made designer products. When we say natural gland that's what we mean! We use only fresh and aged glands and top quality winter meat fed urines in our gland lures which means you get the true fox,coyote or bobcat in the bottle smell. As for the rest of the line all I can say is this is where we are different. We tend to steer towards the curiosity of the animals to keep them at the set and working. It is well known that a curiosity lure will keep them at the set longer than most gland scents . We use skunk in our lures but more so to provide a push than as the overriding odor. Our lures will not over power an animal at the set. We are constantly striving to improve upon and develop new and exciting lures for the trapper and predator caller. We also are in the process of bringing to you an exciting line of deer urines and lures along this same philosophy. Check back with us often as we will add these products to the store as they become available as well as new trapping scents that are being tested. We hope that you will give us a try and let us earn part of your business. Thanks and may God bless you with a successful season. James & Wayne