Customer catch photos


Colt says these Elk River Lures are so good even a kid

 can double on cats!!!!!!!

Mike Turley Making memories with a two cat Thanksgiving!!!


Andy Parnell with some black yotes on ELK RIVER LURES!!!

Doug Young with nice pale dog on ELK RIVER LURES!!!

Toby Hutcheson with good catch on ELK RIVER LURES!!!!

Matt Brunson Alabama with nice cat and coon on elk river lures!

Anonymous from Texas with some super nice cats!

 Pro staffer Jason Hughes with two nice greys on ELK RIVER "GREY"

Gregory Blankenship of West Virginia with a nice red. Reds dig the Gold too!!!


Gregory Blankenship Did a number on this big dog coyote in West Virginia on ELK RIVER 

"GOLD"         GREAT JOB!!!!!! 

Jeff Miller caught this nice north west Bama yote on ELK RIVER "ANOMALY"



Jacob Keith Kadle caught this nice grey the first night on Elk River "GREY"


Erikandbrittainy Walser caught this nice grey using ELK RIVER "EUPHORIUM"

Erikandbrittainy Walser caught this nice Arkansas coyote on Elk River lures!!

Jae McKee of Alaska having luck with brown and black bear on our BLACK GOLD!!

Tyler Cosby with a nice summer yote!!